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SEDNA’s members have had the chance to work for several innovative expeditions, motive force of the diving world, where team work IS the main force towards a common goal of exploration, sharing and aesthetics.

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Under The Pole is back on-land after 5 months exploring the cold waters of the Arctic, diving for science in some of the most remote and hostile places on earth. The first leg of the expedition may be over, but the Team is already working hard to prepare for the next exciting chapter of this 3-year journey around the globe: the Pacific Ocean.

Back to Uummannaq • Webdoc S03E02

A video diary of our stay in Greenland. To the menu: moving reunions with our old friends, the start of the polar diving program, and an insight of the navigation problems faced in the Arctic! Soon, another episode to follow our adventures…

To the assault on the Northwest Passage • Webdoc S03E04

Among the fog and the ice, the WHY arrives to Pond Inlet, Canada. This village sets the entree to the North-West Passage, where the team will sail until the Bering Detroit in Alaska. A dive is in the program as usual, as well as the story of the well known Franklin's expedition, which tried to do the North-West passage in the XIX century! 

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A unique annual gathering: 18'000 groupers, 700 grey reef sharks, and a group of audacious research divers. Is this a chaotic feeding frenzy or an organized hunting pack?


The Gombessa IV Genesis by Laurent Ballesta and his team builds on observations made during the Gombessa II (2014) study of the grouper reproductive phenomenon, and prepares the Gombessa IV expedition.


This project has been realized in Fakarava, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in French Polynesia, in June 2016 with an additional donation linked to the first limited edition Blancpain Ocean Commitment watch

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