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Malpelo - Meet The Giant 

500 kilometers away from Colombian's coasts emerge a 5000m submarine mountain: Malpelo. 

Country of giants, this volcanic island is a refuge for marine life and unforgettable encounters.

A living aboard expedition with the Ferox vessel, allowing us to use rebreathers and become invisible underwater.


Norway - In the shadow of whales

In the fjords of northern Norway, an exceptional animal event has been taking place: for the past ten years, millions of herrings have been migrating through these dark waters, followed by an incredible number of whales and fishermen. Sometimes a boat can take up to 70 tonnes of herring in its nets, with the prohibition to release the surplus once its holds are full and the obligation to sell the remaining fish to another boat. Under the surface, whales and orcas have adapted to this new resource and share the herring that escapes the net (about 1% of the total catch).


Gorgona - Lost in Colombia

A journey to one of the best hidden secrets of Colombia: Gorgona. An ancient high-security prison converted in a sanctuary for wildlife, both above and below the surface.

Gorgona island is named after the greek mythological creature portrayed as a women with venomous snakes in stead of hear, who turned those who beheld her into stone. The island is indeed quite rocky, but it is actually named Gorgona because it hosts the highest concentration of poisonous snakes in the world. Home of the worst of the colombian prisons for over 20 years, it was turned into a National Natural Park in 1984. Now the jungle tries to burry the horrors of the past.. and hide the deadly snakes!

Bull sharks

Diving with bullsharks

Souffles de lignes

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